This has been a real labour of love and a long time coming for us.  After months of tastings, design and many a long conversation, we can finally share TRULY WINES with you all. It has been an absolute pleasure to put the hours in to create these wines for you and we are so excited to keep experimenting and improving.  With all of our grapes coming directly from Wellington, we can proudly say that this is a completely home grown project and one we will continue to nurture in the future ~



Crisp and clean,it's the perfect accompaniment to Cape Town summers;


Carpe Diem, or so they say

Beneath the sun is where we'll be,

Sunsets and songs are here to stay,

In a bustling city beside the sea.


From the perfect design of a sugarbird's beak,

From fynbos fields to Table Mountain's peak


Comes the alchemy of soil, sugar and light,

Served in a glass of true delight.

Truly White - Seize the day



Warm and inviting to keep the cold at bay;


Beneath the brilliant moonlit sky,

Where wild eyes dance and gleam,

This night is soft and passes by,

As revellers dare to smile and dream.


From the cellar of a thousand barrels,

From distant hills and fynbos tales,


Comes the warm comfort of an old friend;

A breath of nostalgia in this easy blend.

Truly Red - Own the night