We've always prided ourselves on our brand and design concept, our ethos and the general feel of our spaces, so we though it only fitting to incorporate all of that into a bespoke uniform for our team.  What we didn't expect was for the design to become so popular, we'd be inundated with requests to purchase our t-shirts. After many requests for our staff t-shirts, we decided to print a limited run of shirts to share with the people that have made us what we are.  So here they are, our white YT branded shirts are now available to purchase.  We hope you'll enjoy them.

We went one step further, though, collaborating with local designer Not Seen on our black tote bags.  Not Seen Store is a lifestyle branding concept, producing locally hand crafted functional accessories right here in The Mother City.  With an aim to creating functional pieces that are both practical and eye catching, Not Seen pulls from a variety of influences when creating their aesthetic, from graffiti culture to the great outdoors.  With this design concept in mind, Not Seen took to creating simple, durable tote bags for us, as well as functional aprons for our team and we couldn't be any happier with the results.  

Our t-shirts and tote bags are available to purchase through our Loop Street store or you can email your order to georgia@yourstrulycafe.co.za.  International shipping is available upon request.


T-Shirts: R250*

Tote Bags: R250


Keep your eyes peeled for more products ~


*Small, Medium and Large available.  Loose fit. Great Print.